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School Introduction

The Austin Learning Centre specializes in teaching all aspects of the English Language. The principal of the school, Catherine Austin, comes from Scotland and is well known and well respected as an authority on the English Language. As such, the staff at the Austin Learning Centre are all highly educated and certified. The Austin Learning Centre is fully registered with the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago.

Located in the heart of Port of Spain, the Austin Learning Centre is easily accessible via many bus and taxi routes and borders Port of Spain's largest park which is a central location for many cultural and relaxing activities. It is also near to Trinidad's Museum and the National Acadamy for the Performing Arts.

ESL Program Introduction

At the Austin Learning Centre we offer a complete ESL course from Beginner to Advanced levels. We also offer training for the TOEFL and IELTS examinations. Additionally, we offer personal skills writing courses which help the students to write about themselves effectively for their University admission process.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

We accept students all through the year.

You can complete the entire ESL course at our institution within one year:

1. Elementary 1.5 months
2. Pre-Intermediate 1.5 months
3. Intermediate 2 months
4. Upper Intermediate 2.5 months
5. Advanced 2.5 months

NB: 1-2 Weeks must be allowed for examinations for each level.


At ALC we offer the TOEFL and IELTS courses to students who have completed the advanced ESL course. These courses are 5 weeks each.

TOEFL and IELTS must be taken by:
- students wishing to enter a college or University or sometimes a school where English is the language of instruction

- people planning to immigrate to such countries

- people looking for training or work experience in such countries.

Students who have not studied ESL at the Austin Learning Centre are required to complete an Entry Examination since strong proficiency in the English language is a necessity.

Personal Skills Writing Course for University entrance

Every university requires written submissions from each applicant, proving their merit over another applicant. At the Austin Learning Centre we work with each student to strengthen these specialised writing skills. Whichever university you wish to apply to, we focus on the requirements of the personal statements, the critical essay and resume/ CV building.

For more information and contact details please see our website.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

We will help the student find suitable housing options.

Contact Info

The Austin Learning Centre
65 Dundonald Street
Port of Spain