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School Introduction

For the first time in Sfax (Tunisia), an English language centre has been created. It caters for all age groups, proficiency levels and specific purposes. Its teaching activities include general, professional and academic English, as well as translation for organization and private people.

ESL Program Introduction

The English Cultural Center, specializing in English teaching, hiring the best Tunisian and Anglo-Saxon staff and using state-of-the-art pedagogical means, constantly, tries to achieve the highest teaching performance at all student levels. The passage from basic elementary to advanced English is smoothly realized under the watchful eye of Tunisian and foreign pedagogical experts.

There are 6 levels :

a- Basic elementary

b- Elemetary

c- Pre-intermediate


e- Upper intermediate

f- Advanced

courses :
*- Children from 5 to 8 years old : Initiation of 5 to 8-year-olds into basic elementary English: Interactive
syllabus for the acquisition of basic elementary English language structure.

*- Support English courses for pupils : Such courses are designed for primary, preparatory and secondary school pupils.

*- General English courses: The English Cultural Center organizes general English courses for students and adults wishing to learn English for professional or personal reasons.

*- E.S.P courses: These courses are intended for business companies and private professionals : business, technical, legal, medical, etc.

*-Preparation for international English tests : TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.
The TOETL (Test Of English For Tunisian Learners) is a Tunisian English Test the performance of wich is equial to that of current national and inernational tests. It is meant for Tunisian, Arabic-speaking or foreign nationals who wish to enter university or requited by a national or international organisation.

The major purpose of this test is to evaluate the english proficiency of people whose mother tongue is Arabic, whose second language is French and whom English is not only a foreign language, but also an essential tool for professional and /or research work.So it takes into account the learning difficulties seruting from the languistic interferences of multilingualism, all along the preparation phase prior to the test proper. Such interferences are often a major obstacle that is rarely considered by language centers.

The TOETL uses a multiple choices format and is given in a single session of three hours.

It consists of three sections:

Listening conprehension
Structure and writen expression
Reading comprehension.

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