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Sunshine International Training Group

English Language School
Dnipropetrovsk , Ukraine



School Introduction

Sunshine ITG is dedicated to build up English skills in our students. We are happy to help our students to achieve maximum results and change their lives to better.
Our slogan: Live harmoniously.
Our mission: We want our students to feel the most important people in the world because we consider them as such. That’s why we offer all types of training services and are happy to help our clients develop all necessary English skills for attaining their dreams and we are ready to do anything what is required to exceed our clients’ expectations.

ESL Program Introduction

Our curriculum includes General English Course, Business English, Tourism English, Law English, Marketing English, Business Correspondence, English for HR managers, Courses for Juniors (12 - 16 yrs old), courses for Children (under 12 yrs old) and "Everyday" English. Our courses run for seven days a week and consist of three-two hour classes per week. In addition, we offer weekly Sunday Speaking Club. This is an opportunity for students to practice their newly gained knowledge and improve communication skills.

Our staff is made up of mostly with bi-lingual Ukrainians who have experience working in business environment, linguistic education, vast teaching experience and internship in English speaking countries. Also we have some native speakers. Every one of our teachers possesses the most important quality, passion for teaching.

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English Language School
Sunshine International Training Group
10 Karla Libknehta
49000 Ukraine