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In our opinion, it's crazy to ask our customers to come to the United Kingdom and then sit in a classroom for 100% of their time looking at a book and listening to cassettes. That is why we teach you the grammar and vocabulary for your English course in London and then we take you outside to read, write and, most importantly, speak and listen to it. 'Out There!'? in the real world!

Every English class in London has a clear and achievable linguistic aim. You're taught a small chunk of the language and then use it straight away. English School in London

By communicating with real people in the real world you get the right accent and pronunciation every time. And by making yourself understood you get a real buzz of success. It's great fun and it works. Every class is a single unit, so you won't arrive here and find yourself studying Unit 10 of a 12-week course book ' unlike most other courses! You can take just one or two classes if you want, or you can do more. One week is 5 classes, 4 weeks is 20 classes, 12 weeks is 60 classes. Out There gives you the flexibility to learn as little or as much as you want.

The English Course

  • start on any day of the week
  • fully qualified and experienced teachers
  • accurate placement test
  • 6 levels ' Beginner to Advanced
  • classes starting every 90 minutes from 9am throughout the day
  • 15 students maximum per class
  • 3 hours per class
  • learning materials included
  • course certificate when you finish

In the real world, you can practise your new skills on real people...

Get real practice at listening, speaking, reading and writing. Use your new language skills in shops, galleries, markets, museums... with your teacher always there to help. You get to hear different accents and quickly learn how people pronounce words, simply by using them with native speakers. During your class you will meet different people and also learn to understand English that is used in the real world.

Although it might seem quite a challenge at first, you will quickly become comfortable with the [Out There!]? method of learning and really enjoy interacting with the culture, through the language.

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10 Coptic Street

London WC1A 1NH

Tel: +44 20 7813 1633

Fax: +44 20 7813 1634

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10 Coptic Street

London WC1A 1NH

Tel:+44 20 7813 1633

Fax: +44 20 7813 1634


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