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City University

School of Business and Management
Bellevue, Washington USA



School Introduction

City University’s main campus is in Bellevue, Washington, where you will attend ESL classes. Bellevue is located approximately 15 minutes from downtown Seattle. This area is home to many of the most important businesses in the world such as Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, and Our campus is five minutes from the beauty of Lake Washington, 40 minutes from skiing in the Cascade Mountains, and 2.5 hours from Vancouver, B.C. A bus system operates between Bellevue and the greater Seattle area. There are many apartments available near the Bellevue campus, along with numerous shopping and recreation areas.

ESL Program Introduction

Assisted MBA Program for International Students Program Overview

The Assisted MBA (AMBA) program is designed to allow advanced learners of English to take MBA courses while continuing to refine their language and academic skills. The Assisted MBA Program consists of two elements: MBA courses taught by regular MBA instructors, and workshop-like language assistance sessions taught by ESL professionals with business backgrounds, referred to as Language Specialists.

Each MBA course meets once a week for three hours. The students then meet with the Language Specialist the same day for a two-hour session to discuss any language-related issues from the MBA class and to give the students some direction on how to do their homework assignments. The Language Specialist also helps students with their writing assignments by working with students on drafts of their papers.

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Schedule & Fees

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is enrolled in Assisted MBA classes?
Students with a TOEFL score between 540 and 565.
Students in the regular program who prefer to take daytime classes.

When can students exit the program?
After students achieve a TOEFL score (International or City University institutional) of 565 or above.

Where is the program offered?
At the Bellevue, Washington and, upon request, at the Vancouver, British Columbia site.

What are the program fees?
In addition to tuition, there is a $250 for the language assistance session of each course.

Which majors are available?
Marketing, Financial Management and Information Systems.

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Contact Info

School of Business and Management
City University
11900 NE First Street, Bellevue
Washington, 98005

800 426 55 96
425 709 5363