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College of Business & Technology

Miami, Florida USA



School Introduction

CBT is located in Kendall just a 15 minutes away from Miami Beach. CBT is a 2 year College with one af the best ranking ESL conversational Programs in the state of Florida.

CBT's mission is to provide education and training in accordance with the demand of the present and future job market. Our objectives are as follows:

As an institution of higher learning, College of Business and Technology strives to engender the intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking that will be needed in the light of the challenges of the new millennium. We systematically encourage the development of the knowledge base, study skills, and personal motivation necessary for competent scholarly inquiry and the lifelong pursuit of learning. At CBT, excellence in teaching leads to excellence in learning.

ESL Program Introduction

The Intensive program is designed for those who wish to learn and/or enhance their knowledge of the English language and to learn how to use it as a tool simultaneously with the aid of Keyboarding and a new computerized interactive system that includes the following modules: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and spelling. The instructor will be multilingual and multi cultural, which will help the students comprehend all levels. At the completion of this program, they will be able to communicate and utilize the English language skills properly. With these Language skills, they will be able to use previous work skills properly, find another job, or begin a new career. After completing this program, they will receive a Diploma in Computerized English as a Second Language intruder to show their accomplishment.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

The 720 hours program: 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday (8 months) $560 per month. (tuition)

The 3 days per week 5 hours a day: 350 per month (Tuition)

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Contact Info

College of Business & Technology
8991 SW 107 Ave. Suite 200
Miami FL, 33176