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SmartNoise Language Learning

Mamaroneck, New York USA



School Introduction

SmartNoise is a language learning company based in Westchester County, New York. The founders of SmartNoise were aware that traditional language teaching methods weren’t working. They knew too many people who had studied a foreign language for years in high school and even college, but could say little more than “When does the train leave?” They knew there must be a better way.

So came SmartNoise, language learning that works. Our methods have been proven to bring results. Our teachers are native speakers. Our classes are fun – never boring. SmartNoise will help you set and achieve your own personal fluency goals.

ESL Program Introduction

Our teaching is based on research into the most effective methods by some of the most renowned language teachers and educational thinkers of the last century. We take learners from beginning to advanced proficiency levels in an ideal language-learning environment. Years of research into effective language teaching methodology, combined with real-world experience in administering effective educational programs culminate in a language learning experience unmatched in the world.Our methodology is characterized by these terms:

• Effective: You can know that every method has been refined by experienced and thoughtful language teachers the world-over, and only those that work make it.

• Innovative: Don’t expect the customary word-lists, grammar rules, and dialogues to memorize in a SmartNoise class.

• Variety: In any given 8-week program, students will learn from any of approximately 25 distinct teaching methods, each designed to facilitate ideal learning. Be aware, most language learning classes out there use only 1 to 3 methods.

• Custom-fit: Since we draw on a wide variety of methods, this means that as a student in a tutoring situation, we can provide a program that uniquely suits your needs and desires while drawing from proven methods.

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SmartNoise Language Learning
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