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English Language Institute

Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon USA



School Introduction

Corvallis is a quiet, friendly attractive city of 50, 000 located in the beautiful Willamette River Valley, about an hour's drive from the spectacular Pacific Coast to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east. The climate is temperate. Late spring through early fall is mild and usually sunny. Winter and early spring are rainy and cool, but rarely cold, and with the benefit of the rain comes the lush greenery and abundant flowers of spring and summer. This is a great opportunity to move from an academic knowledge of the language to using it daily in a practical way.

ESL Program Introduction

The ELI at OSU has been providing intensive English instruction for 40 years. Our dedicated, professional instructors and advisers have the skills and experience to prepare international students for academic work in American universities and colleges. An extensive conversation partner program gives students the opportunity to enhance both their language skills and their adjustment to a new and different cultural environment. Small, interactive classes ensure full student participation.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Winter: January 5, 2009 - March 20, 2009 (10 weeks)
Spring: March 30, 2009 - June 12, 2009 (10 weeks)
Summer: June 22, 2009 - August 21, 2009 (9 weeks)
Fall: September 21, 2009 - December 11, 2009 (10 weeks)

Estimated expenses of attending ELI each term:
Fall, winter and spring tuition and fees: $2875
Summer term tuition and fees: $2640
Housing: $2, 500
Application fee: $75
Insurance: $390
Books and Supplies: $185
Personal Expenses: $600

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Oregon State University
English Language Institute
301 Snell Hall
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-1632