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American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP), Makati, Baguio, and Quezon City - Philippines

Makati, Philippines



School Introduction

Everyone is talking about The American Institute as the new leading provider of English language training in the Philippines.

The prestigious American Institute, located in Makati City/Manila, Quezon City, and Baguio City, is the Philippines' leading service provider of English training and career development, specializing in English proficiency, communication, grammar, writing, American accent, confidence building, standard test preparation (IELTS/TOEFL), critical thinking, and public speaking.

We have revolutionized and innovated English language learning in the Philippines by offering specialized courses that will not only teach you how to speak English well, but also to think critically and analytically; you will not find any English learning institution with higher standards and better staffed than we are.

ESL Program Introduction

We specialize in English Proficiency, Neutralized American Accent Training, Conversation Fluency, Speech, and Communication. We offer group (5-15 students) classes as well as invididual consultations for those who are looking for an accelerated program.

Our Specialists are Americans and Fil-Ams who have extensive experience in teaching English in colleges and call centers not only here in the Philippines, but throughout the United States. Furthermore, AIEP's teaching method has a consultative approach, which means that students will receive constant evaluation and feedback to track their progress. Unlike other English training centers, we don't just offer a certificate of completion after undergoing several hours of classroom training. Instead, we evaluate every student's progress so that we can recommend the next steps to take towards achieving their goals. In short, each step we take is a step in reaching your personal and professional goals.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

We are open for enrollment throughout the year. Please contact us and let us know your schedule so that we can accommodate you accordingly.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

We are conveniently located in the Philippines' central business district in Makati City. A majority of our foreign clients choose to stay in hotels and condominiums for the duration of their program. Quezon City is another major city. It is bustling with business, education, and entertainment. Baguio City was built by the Americans, and it is lush with green pines and great scenery. We provide dormitories on school premises.

Contact Info

American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP), Makati, Baguio, and Quezon City - Philippines
Makati - 227 Salcedo Street, Suite 2G (Valuepoint Executive Plaza)
Quezon City - 26 Sgt. Esguerra Street, Suite K (Courtyard)
Baguio - 39 Marcos Highway, 3rd Floor (Ed Co - ECC Building)

+63 (02) 893-1566