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English Study Tours (Hawaii)

Honolulu, Hawaii USA



School Introduction

English Study Tours Hawaii is an ESL program in motion. It's General English (GEP) curriculum is carefully interwoven into daily educational activities that take place in many locations throughout Hawaii. Students interested in later pursuing TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge First and Advanced Certificates will be well served with the strong foundational English training that students receive at English Study Tours.

Students from all over the world are invited to join the English Study Tours program in Hawaii. English teachers are university trained and experienced ESL instructors. Curriculum is designed around a 'deep immersion' model which includes frequent task-oriented interaction with real native speakers. Few visitors to Hawaii ever have the opportunity to experience Hawaii like English Study Tours students.

Free transportation is always provided throughout the term, and English Study Tour’s ‘Complete Care’ program makes sure that students have what they need while visiting Hawaii.

ESL Program Introduction

English Study Tours was created by a group of talented ESL instructors who recognized, after years of teaching, that ESL students were learning English faster when they participated in task-oriented exercises in real life situations with real native speakers. The English Study Tours class model is a model for the future of language training, and many well-known schools around the world are now recognizing that this approach to language acquisition is essential.

At English Study Tours, level 1 through level 8 students are in a position to make significant improvements to their listening, speaking, writing, and conversational fluency, while developing a strong English foundation for further preparation work in TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge training in other educational environments.

At English Study Tours, students typically begin their class term on the island of Maui, or the Big Island of Hawaii, where they participate in an orientation session and then begin classes. Morning classes begin at 8:30am, and by mid–morning the students are on their way to the top of Haleakala mountain, or off to Lahaina town where they will not only experience the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii, they will experience English. ‘English Stops’ (short classes) throughout the activity day serve to focus the student and clarify grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and reading and writing questions that arise during task-based English practice with real native speakers.

The activities are an important part of the regular class day. The reason for this design is to give the student the kind of English practice that they do not get in ordinary ESL classrooms. Throughout the activity for the day, the student has opportunities to actually practice communicating with real native speakers in real situations, a valuable component to any language-learning environment. Students also keep a written, photographic, and audio (through the use of small pocket digital recorders) journal of their daily experiences.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Term length: 4 weeks
Classes are held every day, 5 days per week
Terms per curriculum cycle: 3 terms
Start Dates: Every 4 weeks; check our website for the exact start and end dates for each term.

Winter Term: January - March
Spring Term: April - May
Summer Term: June- September
Fall Term: October - December

Tuition: $245 per week (for a 4-week term).
Application Fee: Free of Charge
Registration Fee: $95
Activities Fees: Varies depending on term and activities. Please see our website for more information.
Typical Housing Costs: On Oahu: starting at $495 (depending on availability); On the outer islands: cost of accommodations is included in the activity fee. Please see our website for more information.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Please see our website for additional information about housing and accommodations. Accommodations on the outer islands are prearranged for the student.

Contact Info

English Study Tours (Hawaii)
345 Queen Street, Suite #900
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

(808) 728-9901
(319) 937-0850