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English Language Learning Institute

Miami, Florida USA



School Introduction

Live English and learn English in South Florida: Great weather-many Universities-many sports-many places to visit- great nightlife-international diversified community-travel to the Carabian and all over the US.

We are glad that you are interested in the English Language Learning Institute USA. At ElliUSA, we are committed in providing you with the best possible instruction and learning environment. Our teachers are experienced, professionally trained instructors in teaching English as a Second Language, and they are dedicated in providing you with excellent classroom instruction.

Miami is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and as you study in class, participate in activities, and interact in English every day with your teachers, classmates, and friends, you will find that your English skills will improve rapidly.

Whether your goal in learning English is to enter an academic degree program at an University in the U.S., or whether you plan to return to your native country to work or study, learning a language within its own native enviroment is the ultimate language learning experience, that will help you in whatever your future asperaitions may be. As you enjoy the Miami lifestyle, ElliUSA can help you reach your goals. ElliUSA offers English language training for all levels and provides TOEFL preparation for non-native English speakers. xperience that will last forever.

ESL Program Introduction

These courses are designed to meet the specific language needs of today’s students and professionals. The curriculum integrates all the language skills-grammar, conversation, vocabulary and idiomatic expression, listening comprehension and pronunciation, reading, writing and American culture. Professional English Programs: These programs are intended for adults who want to improve their English for professional or personal reasons as quickly as possible in a highly concentrated environment. Attention is focused on developing or improving the clients’ general English competence within specific fields, in expanding their vocabulary, and in increasing their communication skills and fluency in English.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

English Programs
(1 Session = 4 weeks)
1 Session
(4 weeks)
5 Sessions
(20 weeks)
10 Sessions
(40 weeks)
Intensive English
$385 $1, 925 $3, 850
$250 $1, 250 10% discount
General English
$175 $875
Executive English
$90 $180
Session Length
Fall and Spring sessions at the ELLI are approximately 20 weeks long, while Summer sessions are approximately 8 weeks long. All sessions include the same number of instructional hours.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Shared Apartments between students

Contact Info

English Language Learning Institute
8370 W Flagler Street
Suite 118
Miami, Fl 33172