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Target Internationa Student Center

Somerville (Boston), Massachussetts USA



School Introduction

Target International Student Center is an international school committed with the future.

We know that our students need to reach their goals. It doesn’t matter if you want to grant a place at a university around the world, grant a better job position in your country or just understand the world better, Target International Student Center offers courses that will help you conquer the world.

At Target International Student Center you will have the opportunity to experience different ways to practice your English by choosing to learn what goes with you needs. ESL, Business ESL, Medical Interpreter, American Culture, American Literature and TESL are some of our complementary courses that may be part of your Study Plan.

We also help you understand a little bit more about American culture by taking you on field trips around Boston and other cities like Miami, New York, Washington D.C. and many others. Our teachers will always be there to make sure you are learning.

This is Target International Student Center: English for Education, English for Business, English for Fun, English for Real!

We are currently accepting international students to our full-time ESL program. You can apply to be one of our students if you are in the following situations:

You are in your home country and wish to study in the US
Choose the option Applying from Abroad.
You are currently in the US with a Student Visa
Choose Transfer Students.
You are currrently in the US with a Tourist Visa
Click Change of Status

ESL Program Introduction

ESL Program
TOEFL Preparation and TOEFL Exam
Teacher Preparation
Business English

Background Data

Schedule & Fees


Application Fee

Registration Fee *

ESL - Part-Time **

4 hours / week US$150.00 / month
8 hours / week US$280.00 / month
16 hours / week US$560.00 / month

ESL - Full-Time **

20 hours / week US$690.00 / month
30 hours / week US$990.00 / month

ESL - Special Transfer Price

20 hours / week US$475.00 / month
For a two month enrollment.
Only for transfering students.

Test Preparation

TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT US$540.00 / month


Complete course US$1, 980.00

Business English

40 hours US$700.00

Housing and Lodging

Housing - staying
with an American family starting at US$500.00 / month

School Lodging - school premises US$500.00 / month


Airport pick-up
and drop-off
US$50.00 each way

* The Registration Fee is mandatory to any student registering for any course.

** According to US immigration laws, international students (F1 Status)
must attend at least 20 hours of school per week.

All prices in US dollars.
Information and prices may change without notice.

Please contact Target International Student Center for more information.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Homestay Housing and Lodging Fee: U$ 50.00 House and Apartment (with an American family) Sstarting at US$500.00 / month

Contact Info

Target Internationa Student Center
Target Internationa Student Center
5 Middlesex Ave, 3rd Floor,
Somerville, MA - 02145 USA

617 628 0367
617 507 1434