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Word Wide ESL Institute

San Diego, California USA



School Introduction

Our excellent ESL program combines quality classroom education and real-world cultural immersion. Learn English in small groups of no more than nine students in a dynamic school environment. Our dynamic school environment means Word Wide is like no other school in San Diego. Word-Wide ESL Institute teaches English to international students while Word-Wide Language Tutoring Center combines private tutoring with small groups for Americans who are learning other world languages in a casual, fast and fun way for travel, pleasure or business at a very low cost.

At Word-Wide ESL Institute, practice in English is gained by using the language while in the host country, immersed in the culture through activities, discovery, adventure and everyday life.

There is no better place in America to study English than the exciting and culturally diverse city of San Diego! One of the largest cities in the USA, you will find a fabulous variety of cultural activities, outdoor recreation, shopping, dining and entertainment. Our Southern California weather, an average 80 degrees and sunny most of the year, helps make San Diego a favorite tourist destination and a very pleasant place to live.

Word-Wide ESL Institute is one of the best ESL language schools available. Our friendly and helpful staff will make your learning experience valuable and enjoyable.

ESL Program Introduction

Word-Wide's English as a Second Language (ESL) program offers 60 weeks and 6 levels of instruction in American English. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available. Classes are 19 hours a week. Class sizes have no less than 9 students and we teach beginners. Class attendance and participation are a must in order to succeed.

We use the Interchange Series for levels 1 through 4. Passages is used for levels 5 and 6. All course materials are supplimented by a variety of skill orientated books. Supplemental materials include North Star Listening & Speaking and Northstar Reading & Writing.

The ESL Program Levels are:

Level 1 - Learn and practice basic English language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Level 2 - Learn and practice expressing present, past and future and everyday situations.

Level 3 - Utilize previously learned skills in more advanced everyday situations, creating better fluency and understanding.

Level 4 - Speak, write and understand English at an intermediate level.

Level 5 - Develop advanced skills in fluency, accuracy and comprehension with attention to grammar and vocabulary.

Level 6 - Communication and comprehension at an advanced level, geared for professional and further educational uses.

The TOEFL Levels are:


There is a required TOEFL exam during level two.

At the end of the ESL program students should be able to read, write, speak, listen and comprehend American English for almost any situation.

Students are encouraged to interact with each other in class and outside social situations in English in order to immerse themselves in the language for faster learning and fluency.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Tuition for ESL Language Courses:

Application fee: $ 100

$1, 750 US per Level, 6 levels to complete program
$40 US books per level, 6 levels to complete program
$40 US optional materials per level, 6 levels to complete program

Tuition for TOEFL Language Courses:

$1, 750 US per level, each level is a ten week program
$40 US books per level, 6 levels to complete program
$175 appx. fee for required exam during TOEFL level two

Housing & Expenses:

$700 US per month for Homestay, includes 2 meals per day, breakfast and dinner.
Ordinary living expenses, such as transportation, car rental, apartment rental (an alternate to homestay), cultural activities.

Word-Wide Language Center will assist students in their preferences for accommodations and transportation.

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Word Wide ESL Institute
4843 Voltaire Street, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92107