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Educate Ya

Portland, Oregon United States of America



School Introduction

Educate Ya is a Latino community based non-profit organization in Portland, OR. Through volunteer outreach and grass-roots organizing, Educate Ya aims to foster cultural integration and education within the Latino Community.

ESL Program Introduction

For two hours each week, Latinos who sign up for this program meet with a native English speaker who volunteers as a teacher. For the first hour and a half the teacher will give a private tutorial on English conversation and pronunciation. For the final half hour the volunteer and student will practice speaking in Spanish. This program allows for people of different cultures to make a connection and practice using each other's language.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

ESL classes are available year round, and not subject to length restrictions. Classes are available for as long as the student is willing to commit.

ESL classes are free of charge; however the student is responsible for the cost of materials: a one time payment of 24 dollars.

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Contact Info

Educate Ya
200 NE 20th ave, Suite 10
Portland, OR 97232

(503) 238-5790