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Uceda Institute

New Brunswick, New Jersey United States



School Introduction

Uceda Institute specializes in top quality ESL instruction and represents an international chain of over 15 schools. For over 20 years, we've been committed to offering our students the highest quality English Classes at the most affordable prices. We offer beginners, intermediate, advanced and TOEFL classes, and many of our schools are approved for F1 international students. Besides F1 students, we can also help other visa statuses (J1, B1) change statuses and enroll in our institution. We welcome your interest and hope that you visit us soon.

ESL Program Introduction

Our General English program consists of 12 Levels divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced English. From beginning to end, our curriculum lasts for 2 full years of study. As each level progresses, we strive to focus more and more on improvised natural speaking, advanced writing and high level reading comprehension. Some locations also offer specialized TOEFL and Business English courses. Included in all our programs is free individualized tutoring. Students may take advantage of one-on-one tutoring for up to 8 extra hours weekly.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates:
1st Monday of every month

$300 per month (18 hrs p/w)

Application Fee:
Initial -$130
Transfer -$100

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Uceda Institute
338 George Street
New Brunswick New Jersey, 08901