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GEOS Language Institute Boston

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School Introduction

Boston is the capital and the most populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a state in the United States of America. Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest and most culturally significant cities in the United States. Boston was first settled in the 1600s, and city architecture still reflects its historical roots. Near GEOS, in downtown Boston, you can see a modern skyscraper next to a 300-year-old church. Each year, tourists come from all over the United States to learn about Revolutionary War history. While in Boston, you also can enjoy traditional local foods such as clam chowder, lobster and Boston baked beans
8 classrooms
student computers & Wi-Fi internet (Wireless)
student lounge
study and resource materials available
snacks & sodas vending machines
Fully accesible building

ESL Program Introduction

Our Full-Time Intensive English Classes meet five days per week, for a total of 20 educational hours each week. Students work with two different teachers (one for the morning class and one for the afternoon class) and the most up-to-date, effective textbooks and materials available.

Our Part-time 16 hours Intensive English Classes meet four days per week from Monday through Thursday, for a total of 16 educational hours each week. Students work with two different teachers (one for the morning class and one for the afternoon class) and the most up-to-date, effective textbooks and materials available.

This class is communicative-based with an emphasis on speaking and listening skills. There are five different levels of study, from beginner through advanced. A placement test helps us find the best class level for each student. At the end of each four-week session, each student will receive a written evaluation and have a one-on-one counseling with one of their teachers. This is how we help you monitor your progress. After each three month semester, students receive a report card. After their course, students receive a GEOS certificate.
Our TOEFL Preparation course is designed to help students develop and train the skills of listening, writing, speaking, and reading required for the test. The course is intensive and requires a lot of work on the students' part. Students will learn critical thinking skills and strategies that will help them feel confident while taking the test. The curriculum of this class is always based on the latest version of the TOEFL test.
GEOS Boston organizes special study-and-travel programs for students. Generally, students have English classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Excursions for this type of program include sightseeing, parties, and cultural activities. Our 2009 Junior Group course is ideal for teens 13 to 17 and has an exciting mix of half day activities, excursions, and English classes. With open enrollment, individuals from all over the world can join our program to experience the best of Boston and make new international friends.
Our professional, experienced and attentive instructors will guide students towards fluency with creative and helpful learning activities. With 14 or less students in the classes, students have plenty of opportunity both to practice their English and meet interesting new friends from around the world.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

$100 Application Fee (One time only and it's non-refundable).
IE Course is focused on four skills - reading, writing, speaking, & listening, with an emphasis on oral communication in a 12 week semesterIt generally takes 12 weeks to complete one level of the course. 20 educational hours per week. TOEFL Course is focused on the skills and strategies needed to obtain a high score.
Long-term study
1 Semester ... ... ... ...$2820 for 12 weeks ($235 per week)
2 Semesters... ... ... ...$5160 for 24 weeks ($215 per week)
3 Semesters... ... ... ...$7310 for 36 weeks ($215 per week)
Short term study
1 month ... ... ... ...$1100 for 4 weeks ($275 per week)
2 months... ... ... ...$2000 for 8 weeks ($250 per week)
Other study options
1 week ... ... ... ...$285 for 1 week
2 weeks... ... ... ...$550 for 2 weeks ($275 per week)
3 weeks... ... ... ...$825 for 3 weeks ($275 per week)
*NOTE: Our adult program's schedules will be changed to 12:30pm to 5:30 pm

from June 29th, 2009 to August 28, 2009.




Students learn using a technique called Communicative Language Teaching. New grammar patterns are learned in the context of a conversation or an article. Students use activities (such as role plays and discussions) to practice English. Practical reading and writing tasks, and vocabulary studies are presented as well.


Students cover a variety of topics while practicing English conversation management, American conversation styles, and pronunciation. Students learn commonly used American idioms and slang in a communicative way. Students use various activities (such as listening tasks and role plays) to practice these new idioms.

Special Courses & Features

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GEOS Language Institute Boston
294 Washington Street
Boston, MA, 02108