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LASC American Language and Culture

Los Angeles, California United States



School Introduction

For nearly three decades, LASC has been one of the nation's premier ESL institutes. Today, we are proud to continue that unparalleled tradition of excellence for an entirely new generation seeking to add full English fluency to their skill set.

Our students come to us from every possible background (from academics to professionals to diplomats) and every proficiency level (from complete beginners to current speakers). But like you, they all have the same goal of learning English for their future. We will help you meet - and surpass - that goal.

At LASC, we know that skills must be effectively applied to be of use. It is not enough to simply know a thing, one must also do that thing well, so we teach our students how to do both. This is why our proven program goes beyond memorization, beyond immersion, and even beyond comprehension ... we teach you how to truly communicate better, and use English to do it.

And unlike typical ESL instruction, our curriculum is a living, growing, and evolving program. Our former graduates often return to contribute their real-life experiences. This continually refines our curriculum, so that the knowledge we pass on to you is always personalized, always relevant, and never outdated. Many students even return after graduating from American colleges and universities to become instructors themselves.

Why trust your education to lesser ESL courses when LASC is the only ESL institute dedicated to providing you with true learning excellence, in an enthusiastic and supportive learning environment, to ensure you a better future.

ESL Program Introduction

Whatever your educational needs are, LASC will prepare you for success. We offer programs for the beginner as well as the fluent speaker who is seeking a graduate degree and/or career advancement.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

LASC is on an open-enrollment quarter system (12 weeks). A student may begin his/her studies
at any time.

WINTER January - March Mon - Fri
SPRING April - June Mon - Fri
SUMMER July - September Mon - Fri
FALL October - December Mon - Fri

1) STANDARD COURSE (20hrs/week). ESL / COMPUTER: 4 WEEKS -$400, 12 WEEKS-$1, 200, 24 WEEKS-$2, 000, 48 WEEKS-$3, 600. TOEFL / TOEIC: 4 WEEKS -$500, 12 WEEKS-$1, 500, 24 WEEKS-$2, 500, 48 WEEKS-$4, 500.

2) INTENSIVE COURSE (30hrs/week). ESL + ELECTIVE: 4 WEEKS -$600, 12 WEEKS-$1, 800, 24 WEEKS-$3, 000, 48 WEEKS-$5, 400. TOEFL/TOEIC+ ELECTIVE: 4 WEEKS -$700, 12 WEEKS-$2, 100, 24 WEEKS-$3, 500, 48 WEEKS-$6, 300.

Application Fee-$100, Express mail-$30, Airport Pick-up-$50, Housing Placement Fee-$250

Special Courses & Features

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Contact Info

LASC American Language and Culture
3530 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 190
Los Angeles, CA 90010

(213) 384-4123