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School Introduction

English Express, located in the West Houston area, is a language school which provides outstanding opportunities for students who are looking for private instruction, small group classes, and test preparation. English Express is small enough to focus on the particular needs of each student and has the experience to guide language learners through the intricacies of standardized exam preparation and business correspondence. Since our teachers are responsible for the administration of the school, we maintain a unique flexibility when dealing with the individual challenges of learning a language.

English Express welcomes you to Houston and will help guide you in your academic, professional, and social endeavors. We are located within a thriving community of businesses and restaurants, which has become the hub for Houstonís exotic blending of Latin, Asian, and European cultures. Our teachers, who have all lived outside of the USA, reflect Houstonís diversity and are always willing to share their experience and knowledge with students.

If you are coming to Houston and need English classes or if you're already here, call us at 713 876 9777 to set up a consultation. We'll be glad to talk with you about your language goals.

ESL Program Introduction

The ESL Program at English Express is the refined product of the Curriculum Development Team, who have over 30 combined years in the educational field. Always staying focused on the individual language learner, the English-as-a-Second Language Program uses a variety of teaching techniques to ensure student production of language within each class. We also encourage real world practice and use of English by ensuring that students are aware of the multitude of events and festivals which occur in Houston year round.

For those students who require a comprehensive ability to read, write, listen and speak at the highest proficiency levels, English Express offers the Academic English Program. Featuring one hour classes on each of the aforementioned skills, this six-level program is ideal for those individuals who wish to enter an American university or work for a company which does business in English. Classes, which are not larger than ten people, meet five days a week. Success in this intensive program is dependent upon student completion of all assignments and continual striving to use English while outside of class.

For students who are busy with work and family, the Easy English Program is the best option. With a lighter class load and a focus on functional English, this program prepares adults to enter the workforce, do everyday activities, and talk with friends and colleagues. Students use an integrated textbook which covers the major language skills.

The TOEFL Preparation Program is for advanced students who need to improve their ability to demonstrate their language proficiency on the TOEFL iBT test. Using simulated TOEFL questions and timed responses within class, students practice the speaking portion and critique one another's responses. The teacher is always there to provide model answers for the students and to evaluate their responses. Regular writing assignments are a part of the class. Listening and reading are broken down into individual skills which are improved through regular classroom practice.

Online English is an option for those students who wish to learn at their home or office. An advanced interactive software system allows students to watch videos, read stories, do homework assignments and even speak their answers. Grammar instruction and writing practice are woven into thematically-based units. Student results are recorded into the system and available for a teacher to monitor and grade. Each level contains 100 hours of instruction. Students can purchase three-month licenses to use the program, which is available with or without teacher support.

Private Classes are also available at the school and at other locations.

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Schedule & Fees

Classes are available throughout the year except on national holidays and Christmas vacation. Tuition varies from $380 to $1600 per level depending upon the number of classes in which a student enrolls.

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Housing/Accommodation Info

English Express works with local property companies to help secure apartments in Houston, TX. for foreign students. Please inform us a month in advance and let us know the length of time you will be in Houston and the apartment size (number of bedrooms) you require. Pre-payment is required before moving into the apartment.

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