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School Introduction

ICT provides training required for emerging, in-demand occupations that satisfy both student & community needs and lead to well-paying positions. ICT strives to make the learning process an individualized, change-oriented, market-centered process that enables each student, regardless of background, to maximize his/her potential.

ESL Program Introduction

Consisting solely of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, this program is designed for only those students who require English language development to use already existing vocational knowledge, training, or skills. This instructional program focuses upon development of listening, reading, writing, speaking (conversation), and grammar at all levels of the curriculum. Courses are designed in such a manner that skills are developed sequentially, with the English elements identified and taught in order of difficulty to include those necessary for English language success in the beginning, low intermediate, and high intermediate levels. Included within the programs interactive guided methodology are a combination of lecture/laboratory, class discussion, and group activities designed to provide English language skills as well as cultural transference. For more information contact the campus nearest you.

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