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GEOS Language Institute New York

New York City, New York United States



School Introduction

GEOS Language Institute New York is located right in the heart of Manhattan and part of the GEOS International Network of over 500 schools operating in over 18 countries. Our language school in New York City is a great place to study English, work on improving your TOEFL iBT score, and make new international friends. GEOS provides quality language courses in a comfortable atmosphere. We have about 20 classrooms, kitchenette , student computers & Wi-Fi internet (Wireless), student lounge and also provide study and resource materials available.

ESL Program Introduction

Intensive English
You can learn English with our Intensive English Course in New York City! This full-time English class is communicative based with an emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills. Our Intensive English class is designed to help ESL students improve both spoken and written English. With six levels of study, this course features a comprehensive curriculum of integrated skills - English grammar, vocabulary & idioms, speaking & listening, and reading & writing. You can study English with our professional, experienced and attentive instructors, who guide students towards fluency with creative and helpful learning activities. With 14 or less students in the classes, students have plenty of opportunity both to practice their English and meet interesting new friends from around the world.

A GEOS Intensive English class features a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on oral communication - speaking and listening. Well trained and highly qualified instructors help students improve their conversation skills through a variety of creative activities. There are six different levels of study, from beginner through advanced. A placement test helps us find the best class level for each student. At the end of each four-week session, each student will receive a written evaluation and have a one-on-one with one of their teachers. This is how we help you monitor your progress. After each three month semester, students receive a report card, and students receive a GEOS certificate when they finish their course.

* Teacher instruction, no self-access.
* Creative learning activities.
* Four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
* Small classes; Maximum of 14 students per class.
* Professional, experienced, attentive instructors.
* Enrollment every week.
* Special services.

TOEFL Preparation
The GEOS TOEFL Preparation Class has been updated to help international students who are preparing to take the TOEFL iBT exam for entrance into North American colleges and universities. This comprehensive course helps students prepare for all sections (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) of the TOEFL iBT test by developing special skills and strategies that lead to more efficient test taking. A GEOS TOEFL iBT Preparation Course can help you reach your goals. And, with a maximum of 14 students, you are sure to get the extra attention you need to succeed.

Our TOEFL iBT Preparation Class meets five days per week, for a total of 24 educational hours each week. Students work with Dee, our TOEFL teacher with more than 10 years experience teaching TOEFL in GEOS New York, and the most up-to-date, effective textbooks and materials available. There is a two-part approach to the TOEFL iBT Preparation Class. First, we focus is on improving your English skill. Students work on vocabulary building, critical listening and reading, essay writing, and speaking. The second focus is on building TOEFL skills and test strategies to help you get a good score. Every TOEFL iBT exam is different, but each test has the same types of questions. We help you get familiar with the kinds of questions TOEFL asks. Once each week, students sharpen their skills by taking practice TOEFL tests - a great way to build test taking stamina and monitor your improvement. At the end of each four-week session, each student has a one-on-one counseling session with their teacher. This is how we help you monitor your progress. After each three month semester, students receive a report card. All students receive a GEOS certificate.

* Teacher-lead instruction, no self-access
* Effective practice of the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing
* TOEFL test skills and strategies
* TOEFL resource materials students can use after school everyday
* Creative learning activities
* Small classes; Maximum of 14 students per class
* Professional, experienced, attentive instructor who has over 10 years of TOEFL teaching experience
* Enrollment every week
* Special services

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Fee for 2010
10% of the total tuition but no more than $100

IE Course is focused on four skills - reading, writing, speaking, & listening, with an emphasis on oral communication in a 12 week semester. It generally takes 12 weeks to complete one level of the course. 22 educational hours per week. TOEFL Course is focused on the skills and strategies needed to obtain a high score.

Full time study
1 Semester ... ... ... ...$3180 for 12 weeks ($265 per week)
2 Semesters... ... ... ...$5760 for 24 weeks ($240 per week)
3 Semesters... ... ... ...$8640 for 36 weeks ($240 per week)

Short term study
1 month ... ... ... ...$1160 for 4 weeks ($290 per week)
2 months... ... ... ...$2200 for 8 weeks ($275 per week)

Other study options
1 week ... ... ... ...$300 for 1 week
2 weeks... ... ... ...$580 for 2 weeks ($290 per week)
3 weeks... ... ... ...$870 for 3 weeks ($290 per week)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

GEOS Language Institute New York
1133 Broadway, suite 1520, New York, NY 10010