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The New America International School

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School Introduction

The mission of The New America International High School (NAS) is to offer F1 visa students the educational tools and support they need to learn English and earn an American high school diploma, while experiencing the American way of life. We are a fully accredited, public institution that serves young adults, ages 15-21. Our highly qualified staff provides intensive English language instruction and a rigorous academic curriculum to help students fulfill their dream of a better future. At NAS we believe educational opportunity is a cornerstone of American life and that English language skills are an essential component. We can also help change your visa to F1 if needed.

ESL Program Introduction

The New America International High School was created to serve F1 students who want to learn and advance their English skills, as well as experience an America High School program. The program helps students thrive in an America high school, and positions them for post-secondary education. With an American High School Diploma the majority of US universities and colleges waive the TOEFL exam for F1 students. The F1 students who receive their US high school diploma have a greater advantage of being accepted into US universities and colleges than a student applying directly from his/her country.
The New America International High School is designed for young students to earn a diploma as they continue their education in America. In one year, qualified students will have an opportunity to earn an American High School diploma. Some example courses you could take are: Integrated English- English as a Second Language; Mathematics; Science; Social Studies; Civics; U.S. History; Health; Physical Education; Fine Arts; Geography; Practical Arts & Computer Application; Electives.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

PROGRAM AND SCHEDULES- Example for starting in August:

Stand Alone Course(s): International High School Program
Start Date: August 17, 2009 Expected Completion Date: August 17, 2010

COST OF TRAINING: For one year of study the entire program costs $7, 000 with a minimum of 20 hours of classroom contact each week.

The student will make 11 equal payments of $583.00 and one payment of $587.00, equaling $7, 000, for the cost of education for the period of the studentís attendance. The student will be invoiced per month.

If the student pays for the entire year up front, the student will receive a 7.5% discount.

If the student pays for six months up front, the student will receive a 5 % discount.

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

The New America International School
925 S. Niagara St.
Suite 140
Denver, CO 80224

303-894-3167 or 303-877-7426