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Best English ESL

Louisville, Kentucky USA



School Introduction

Best English ESL is a small, private teaching studio in south Louisville, Kentucky. It is conveniently located and easily reachable from all points in the city. The business opened in May 2009. The owner/instructor has been teaching English as a second language since 2002 and is a highly respected teacher and sought after by students in the community.

ESL Program Introduction

Small group classes (of up to 8 persons) and private classes are offered during the week. Classes are specifically for immigrants or foreign visitors to the USA, but remedial instruction is also offered for native English speakers and classes are available to both adults and school-age children. Group classes are 2-hour classes and and are offered several times per week. Students may choose the frequency of their attendance. Private classes are available at different times and the student may opt for a 1-hour or a 2-hour class. Very low rates--contact Best English for current openings and charges.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Students may begin classes at any point. Small group classes are ongoing and all have seats available for additional students to join. If a group class fills up, another will be opened upon interest by students.

Rates: For group classes, students pay $5/per hour. Group classes are 2-hour classes, so the charge per class is $10. Students may attend one or several times per week.

Private classes are $25/per hour. However, discounts may apply: if a student pays for a minimum of 4 hours of instruction in advance, the price per hour is lowered to $20. Multiple students coming and paying together for joint private classes pay lower fees per student. (For example, 1 student in a private class paying in advance is charged $20/hour, but 2 students coming jointly will pay only $15/hour per student. 3 students coming jointly will pay $10/hour per student, and 4 or more will be charged only $5/hour per student.)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Best English ESL
The Austin Building
Suite 222
1939 Goldsmith Lane
Louisville, KY 40218