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School Introduction

Elizabeth Ackerman is an accent reduction coach who is passionate about helping her clients learn to communicate with freedom and confidence.

In today’s globalized economy, English speakers from many different countries interact daily in the workplace. Cultural differences contribute to the strength and versatility of a company, but second language accent interference may cause frustration, embarrassment and reduced productivity. Although habitual speech patterns appear to be ingrained, they can in fact be permanently altered with training and dedicated practice.

ESL Program Introduction

Elizabeth has combined her extensive background in voice (she is a classically trained opera singer and actress), her experience as an ESL teacher, and her expertise in the field of accent modification to develop a unique set of techniques that help her students to significantly reduce their accents in English within a relatively short period of time.

Most people with accents that are difficult to understand are speaking English with vocal patterns carried over from their native languages. Although habitual speech patterns appear to be ingrained, they can in fact be successfully altered with training and dedicated practice. With proper guidance, you can in fact learn to build a solid foundation of correct pronunciation, rhythm, stress and intonation by reinforcing new and correct muscle memory, very much the way a musician, athlete or dancer works.

* Friendly, expert, personalized teaching
* Sensitivity to cultural differences
* Flexible scheduling; on-site training
* Certified Compton P-ESL trainer

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Schedule & Fees

7 and 13 week training packages available. Sessions are available on a one-on-one or small group basis.

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English Speaking Success
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