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City College of San Francisco

Institute for International Students
San Francisco, California USA



School Introduction

The Institute for International Students at City College of San Francisco prepares students to become effective, confident speakers of English is academic institutions and professional settings as well as in everyday life. TOEFL preparation is included along with assistance in applying to the college credit program. The language program focuses on language and cultural skills needed to succeed in college. CCSF is known for its Hospitality/Hotel-Restaurant program, Graphic Design, Child Development, Business and Computer Science. There are many more degree and certificate programs to choose from as well as opportunities to transfer to four year institutions. In addition, the city of San Francisco offers a wide variety of places of interest.

ESL Program Introduction

The Institute for International Students' intensive English program offers intensive training in English grammar, reading and communication skills. There is emphasis on academic skills, report and essay writing, test taking techniques, academic listening and an introducation to American classroom methods and culture. Elective courses in TOEFL preparation, listening skills, American culture, pronunciation, etc. are available. An activities coordinator plans special events during and outside of class time. Our computer lab is available to students for email, internet and research. A certificate is awarded at the end of each course to those who have maintained good attendance and successfully completed their classes.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Spring: 1/15/2002 - 5/24/2002 (17 1/2 weeks)
3/13/2002 - 5/22/2002 (9 weeks)
Summer I:6/7/2002 - 7/5/2002 (4 weeks)
SummerII:7/5/2002 - 8/2/2002 (4 weeks)
Fall: 8/19/2002 - 12/20/2002(17 1/2 weeks)
10/15/2002- 12/18/2002(9 weeks)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Institute for International Students
City College of San Francisco
50 Phelan Ave., Box C208
San Francisco, California 94112

(415) 239-3895
(415) 239-3804