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Language Learning Room

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School Introduction

Language Learning Room is a school to learn English and Spanish for communicative purposes and also computer skills to get certified with Microsoft.

In our language courses the students have the possibility to transit from the Basic Level to the Advanced Level developing their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. Language Learning Room gives special attention to Listening and Speaking.

In our computer courses the students have the possibility to develop their abilities in working with Microsoft Office Applications as an asset to finding a distinguished job position in today's job market.

ESL Program Introduction

Our language courses are designed for any individual or institution who wants to start learning to develop professionally, improve skills, pass the citizenship exam or get practice to successfully face the job interview.

English for Oral Communication is a course designed to develop your oral expression abilities. You will be engaged in many activities that will prepare you for real life situations in different contexts.

The course is equipped with model dialogues for each of the units and a variety of activities that will help you practice and assimilate the new content.

Language for Oral Communication will primarily develop your listening abilities as a fundamental foundation to keep an active communication. As the course progresses, you will learn other techniques that will help you develop your reading understanding and your writing abilities as well. You will also receive all the grammatical knowledge required for you to form your own sentences and express your ideas.

Language for Oral Communication is divided in three different levels of complexity to enhance an effective learning process: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

When you finish the Basic Level, you will be able to introduce yourself and others, ask and give some personal information, give opinions, describe everyday routines, make phone calls and leave phone messages. You will also be able to describe work and school, your past experiences, your country; you will be able to talk about prices, likes and dislikes, your family and family members, health problems, travelling and future plans.

In the Intermediate Level you will be able to reinforce all you learned from the Basic Level. When you finish the Intermediate Level, you will be able to talk about your past, transportation problems, food; you will make comparisons, requests; you will describe positive and negative features, vacation plans, technology, holidays, festivals and special events, abilities, movies and books. You will also be able to talk about unusual careers, moving abroad, things you need to have done, your future activities; you will describe different personalities, problems, regrets and hypothetical situations, qualities for success, describe processes, challenges, frustrations, rewards; you will also make direct requests, conclusions; you will learn to identify problems and come up with solutions.

In the Advanced Level you will keep reinforcing all the knowledge you have acquired from the Basic and Intermediate Levels and you will also be able to describe personal change, processes and strategies, mental processes, people's attitudes and beliefs, job qualifications, personal styles; you will give reasons and purposes, advice; you will present contrasting information, information in chronological order; you will explain preferences and decisions, discuss concerns and offer solutions, state advantages and disadvantages, report what someone else said and talk about rules.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates:
January 4, 2010; March 1, 2010; May 3, 20100; July 5, 2010; August 29, 2010; October 25, 2010

1 week: 20 lessons - $500
2 weeks: 40 lessons - $800
3 weeks: 60 lessons - $1000
4 weeks: 80 lessons - $1250

Application fee: $50
Housing: $600 - $900 (4 weeks)

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English Department
Language Learning Room
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