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School Introduction

Notting Hill College UAE is based in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE and Headquartered in London, UK. We are the Regional Office for the entire Emirates and The Middle East and specialize in further/vocational education and training. Through our Regional Office in UAE we are able to serve and assist all our students who are based in various locations in UAE and the Middle East.

Notting Hill College UAE operates across three schools. The School of Teacher Training, School of Languages and the School of Business. Our students follow various programmes which are guided and come under any one of these three schools. Our programmes include certificate/diploma/masters degree level programmes in Teacher Training, diplomas in Personal Competancies and Soft Skills courses and MBA from the School of Business and preparation courses for TOEFL/IELTS, Language Awareness etc. from the School of Business.

Notting Hill College UAE also offer Unique Business Opportunities to individuals and institutions who would like to become a part of a global network of franchisees or agents.

ESL Program Introduction

About NHC E-Campus
Notting Hill College E-Campus is a new online practice environment for learners of
English as a foreign language. Accessible anywhere with an internet connection. The concept behind NHC E-Campus is that language learning can be greatly
enhanced by an effective combination of face-to-face teaching and online support

E-Campus Resources
At the heart of the NHC E-Campus is an extensive database containing thousands of language learning resources. The Campus provides access to resources of the highest educational quality that have been written by leading ELT authors.

E-Campus Classes/Programmes
General English, Business English, Academic English, TOEFL Preparation, IELTS Preparation, TOEIC Preparation, CAE Preparation and CPE Preparation.

All the above programmes are delivered through three learning formats. Distance Learning, Assisted Learning and Blended Learning.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Registration for the NHC E-Campus Classes can take place during any time of the year depending on the convenience of the student. Sessions start on the first week of every month.

Prices of programme fees vary depending on the format of studying (distance / assisted / blended) and the class/programme. For further information kindly contact us or visit our website.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

For students interested in studying in UAE, a package inclusive of the programme fees, visa and hotel/apartment stay are available upon request.

Contact Info

School of Languages UAE
Notting Hill College UAE
RAK Free Trade Zone
Business Centre 4
Level 2, Office 202 A
P.O.Box 16284, Ras Al Khaimah

00971 7 2046097
00971 7 2046098