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International Educational Services

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School Introduction

International Educational Services is a leader in the field of private language instruction, founded on quality and integrity in learning. We are proud of our quality instructors, a group made up of academically and professionally trained individuals committed to the success of our students. Our focus is on providing quality instruction to students who want to develop the skills they need to succeed in their university studies, careers, and social interactions.

IES is located in beautiful downtown San Diego, California, which provides a very metropolitan experience to students from around the world. Located near public transportation, shopping and dining venues, and tourist attractions that have made San Diego a popular destination, IES is situated perfectly for the international student who desires to learn English and experience American culture in an ideal setting.

ESL Program Introduction

International Educational Services uses a natural, integrated approach to teach students in its five-level Intensive English Program. Theme-based lessons, small class sizes, and a highly skilled faculty enhance each student's opportunity for success. A free placement exam ensures that each student is placed in the appropriate level, and regular assessments help the school to evaluate the student's progress throughout his or her program.

In IES's Academic and Professional Program, international students are able to study under highly qualified, experienced instructors who have proven records of successfully preparing students to reach their individual goals. The TOEFL Preparation course prepares high intermediate and advanced students to achieve their target scores on the IBT TOEFL exam by providing practical training in writing, speaking, listening, and reading as well as vocabulary building. Those intermediate and advanced students who want to enhance their career opportunities can choose to prepare for the TOEIC exam, which certifies English proficiency in business-related areas, in IES's comprehensive TOEIC Preparation course, which focuses on all areas of the test--reading, listening, and grammar. International students desiring to learn how to teach English in their own countries are prepared in IES's intensive TESOL training course. An eight-week course, TESOL provides the high intermediate and advanced student with a rigorous English language course as well as practical training in the art of teaching EFL Class observation and teaching experience in front of EFL students are part of this program.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

International Educational Services offers open-enrollment, which means that students can begin classes on any Monday (Tuesday when a national holiday falls on Monday). Students may enroll for one month or longer; the usual maximum length is 12 months, but, in specific cases, students may extend their programs beyond one year.


Intensive English Program: $420.00 / 4 weeks
TOEFL / TOEIC Preparation: $460.00 / 4 weeks
TESOL Training: $2000 / 8 weeks (specific starting and ending dates)

Registration Fee: $200.00 for overseas students (including processing and shipping of materials)
$75.00 for students already in the USA

Housing Fee: approximately $650.00 - $750.00 / 4 weeks

Airport Pickup Fee: $50.00

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

IES works with a homestay service as well as two residential hotels/apartment complexes. We do not charge a service fee for helping students find housing. The homestay service does charge a competitive one-time placement fee; the residential hotels/apartments require a modest deposit.

Contact Info

International Educational Services
121 Broadway Suite 332
San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 233-0355 / (619) 917-9519
(619) 233-0555