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Institute of Accent Modification

Chicago, Illinois United States



School Introduction

The institute of Accent Modification, offers dynamic program offerings located just steps from Union Station in the heart of downtown Chicago across from the famous Sears/Willis Tower. You can experience all of the program offerings in our corporate office or in our online meeting center featuring Web-ex (Cisco technology).

The Director is an experienced speech and hearing professional/Global communication specialist with years of experience. All the accent coaches are speech language pathologists and also experienced in teaching ESL. For students taking 12 sessions or more, we offer 2 bonus hours of cultural solutions. The cultural solutions course includes effective verbal and non verbal communication, the roles of men and women socially and in business situations, and negotiation tactics.

ESL Program Introduction

The Institute provides customized services to foreign nationals, corporate professionals, medical professionals, and students at their onsite location and virtually in the online meeting center. The school offers the only accent modification program in the Midwest for foreign born medical professionals complete with specialized materials.

The programs are flexible and all begin with a comprehensive speech analysis by a certified accent coach who are experienced speech and hearing professionals. The accent coach will explain the results and customize a program to meet your goals and budget. Past comparisons have shown that students who attend all the appropriate sessions and practice diligently can expect to experience at least a 50% change in their accent or dialect.

The Institute offers advanced training workshops on job interviewing skills, polishing your communication skills, and many other offerings. Check the website for the most current details and how to register for their programs

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Schedule & Fees

Our programs start at $399 for three customized sessions. You can try our one class special for $75. This offer is for new students only (for one time only). It gives you an opportunity to work with an accent coach for 45 minutes privately on your problem speech areas.

After your comprehensive speech analysis is completed, the program director will discuss whether individual or group classes will be best for you, and how many sessions required for you to reach your goals/objectives. The program director will discuss all fees individually. Our start dates are flexible. We are available when you need us.

1 Class Special $75
3 sessions/ 3 hours $399
6 -24 sessions / for 60 minutes per class (Individual or Group formats) available
Registration and Application Fee $150
Comprehensive Speech analysis $125

Special Courses & Features

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Contact Info

Institute of Accent Modification
125 S. Wacker Drive Suite 300
Chicago, IL. 60606

312 635-0099