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Ivy College

Wheeling, Illinois USA



School Introduction

In 1995, Ivy Educational and Environmental Institute (Ivy) was established in Glenview, Illinois to offer educational services for the college-bound students in the Chicago area. Since 1995, Ivy has carried out its mission under the slogan "the place where you can get help to make your dream come true." Hundreds of students, who studied at Ivy, made it to prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, Cornell, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois.

ESL Program Introduction

Ivy's Intensive EnglishPprograms (IEPs) is to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) / TOEFL instruction that helps non-native speakers acquire the communicative skills necessary to meet their academic, career, and personal goals.
Ivy's Intensive English (ESL) training program has 5 levels. The highest level is called the "Ace TOEFL and College Prep" program (Ace TOEFL in short). Students are placed in one of the five levels according to their learning objectives and placement test results.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Spring I 2011: January 17- March 13 (8 weeks)
Spring II 2011: March 14- May 22 (8 weeks)
Spring Break: March 28- April 10 (2 weeks)
Summer 2011: June 6-July 31 (8 weeks)
Summer Break: August 1- August 28 (4 weeks)
Fall I 2011: August 29- Octorber 23 (8 weeks)
Fall II 2011: October 24-December 18 (8 weeks)
Winter Break: December 19- January 15 (4 weeks)

8 weeks: $950
16 weeks: $2, 000
32 weeks: $3, 600 ( one academy year)

Other fee:
Application Fee: $100

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Ivy College
482 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Wheeling, IL 60090