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Eurolingua Institute

Clearwater, Florida USA



School Introduction

Sunny, downtown Clearwater, Florida offers one of the most beautiful, white sandy beaches in the world, glorious sunsets, exciting night life and cultural events. It is safe, secure and well protected and close to all major tourist attractions with fine dining and dancing.

ESL Program Introduction

The school offers standard and extended ESL programmes. The standard program begins at 09h00 and runs to 12h30 giving the student 70 hours of class time for a 4-week session. These sessions begin every Monday morning. Topics include: grammar, pronunciation, conversation, reading and writing. The extended programme focuses primarily on TOEFL and advanced conversation skills. Topics include: strategies for higher TOEFL scores, upper-level vocabulary and reading/listening comprehension skills. These sessions begin at 13h00 and end at 15h30.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

15 hours (20 lessons) per week in small groups: US$248 per week

Combined Programmes (minimum 2 weeks)

Includes the 15 hour per week morning Group Programme + One-to-One afternoon lessons (5 or 10 lessons per week):-

Intensive 15 + 5 : US$496 per week

Intensive 15 +10 : US$694 per week

Special Courses & Features

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Eurolingua Institute

Clearwater, Florida