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School Introduction

The College of Chicago is a mid-sized school, which focuses on providing high-quality language instruction to those wishing to improve English language skills for work or further education. With two locations outside and downtown Chicago, the COC offers intensive English courses in social language, academic preparation, business English, and TOEFL preparation.
Our small classes, devoted and highly qualified faculty, and rigorous curriculum based on real experience and current events provide non-native speakers with the skills and confidence to use their English skills.

Our speciality is preparing students to continue their education in American colleges and universities. In addition to TOEFL preparation, our students are taught to handle the academic rigors of an American college or university. Individual attention is given to correcting students' speech and writing. The College of Chicago helps students take the next step by helping them prepare their college applications, assisting with application essays, and providing counseling and admissions help.

In addiiton to IEP and TOEFL programs, the COC offers a TEFL certification course to train prospective English teachers.

ESL Program Introduction

IEP English
In these programs students develop English language skills by practicing listening, speaking reading, and writing in English in the core program. Students in these programs can select from a social language or academic English emphasisAll studentsalso participate in daily news and current events reading and discussion. In addition to core coursework, students enrolled in this program participate in elective classes that change every eight weeks. Students can choose from a variety of elective topics such as idioms, vocabulary, film discussion, and grammar.

TOEFL Preparation/Advanced Integrative Studies
In this program students prepare for the TOEFL exam by learning skills and strategies to succeed on the exam as well as taking daily computer and paper-based simulations. In addtion students in this class learn and practice the academic skills needed for success when studying at an American college of university. Special emphasis is placed on critical thinking, analysis, writing, and discussion. Students learn to write papers and give presentations comparable to those expected of a university student. Students enrolled in this program also participate in elective classes they choose themselves such as slang, news discussion, and drama.

TEFL Certification

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The College of Chicago
1400 Business Center Drive, Mount Prospect IL 60056 - North Chicago Campus
123 Madison Street, Chicago IL 60602 - Downtown Chicago Campus

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