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Monterey Institute of International Studies

Intensive English as a Second Language
Monterey, California USA



School Introduction

The Monterey Institute of International Studies provides rigorous graduate education and training for professional careers in international contexts. Its unique graduate schools offer Masters degrees in business, international policy, language teaching, and translation and interpretation, as well as special training in languages. Located in the beautiful small town of Monterey, on California's central coast, (about 90 miles south of San Francisco) the Monterey Institute is a perfect place for language study.

ESL Program Introduction

The Intensive English as a Second Language Program (IESL) at the Monterey Institute of Intenrnational Studies helps you learn English for school, for business, and for everyday life. You will join classmates and teachers from many different countries to learn about American life and language in formal and informal ways. The small classes emphasize interaction and effective communication in a friendly, personal setting. All of the instructors in the program hold Masters degrees in the teaching of a second language, and are committed, energetic professionals. In addition to classes a wide variety of fun and exciting social, cultural, and recreational activities give you even more opportunities to learn English while enjoying your time in Monterey.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Summer Session 1: 6/19/2002 - 8/15/2002 (8 weeks)
Fall 1 Session 2: 8/26/2002 - 10/18/2002 (8 weeks)
Fall 2 Session 3: 10/21/2002 - 12/13/2002 (8 weeks
Spring 1 Session 4: 1/6/2003 - 2/28/2003 (8 weeks)
Spring 2 Session 5: 3/10/2003 - 5/2/2003 (8 weeks)

Tuition: $3000 (Summer 8 weeks), $2600 (Fall-Spring 8 weeks)
Application Fee: $50
Activity Fee: $25
Housing: $1200 - $1500 (8weeks)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Intensive English as a Second Language
Monterey Institute of International Studies
460 Pierce St.
Monterey, California 93940