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Providence Intl Christian Academy

English Second Language
Tamuning, Guam, United States



School Introduction

We offer a unique accelerated system of learning that is individualized and tailored to each student. Students ages 5 to 18 learn on their own level at their own pace. They set achievable daily, weekly and quarterly academic goals. Through the use of checks and balances, they produce measurable results which earns them rewards and privileges.

Our goal is to address each child individually and uncover their hidden potential. Our mission is to build confidence and a real love of learning, giving students a solid foundation for a healthy and happy life.

Our quality teachers and staff are dedicated to helping each child discover their unique potential academically, socially, and inter-personally. We provide 1 teacher per 7 students. Each student receives one-on-one attention from their teacher.

ESL Program Introduction

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

1st Quarter 07/16-09/21/12
2nd Quarter 10/08/-12/14/12
3rd Quarter 10/4-03/15/12
4th Quarter 04/8-06/13/12

Registration: $100.00

Full time 8:00am-2:30pm $395 monthly or $1200 quartly
Afternoon classes 3:00-4:30pm $65.00 weekly.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

We provide transportation from the hotel to and from school. Price varies for housing depending on seasonal rates.

Contact Info

English Second Language
Providence Intl Christian Academy
259 Father Duenas Dr.
Tamuning, GU 96913