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Community ESL Institute

Mesa, Arizona United Staes



School Introduction

We offer high-quality ESL classes at affordable rates for all foreign students.
We are centrally located in downtown Mesa.
We are close to Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, freeways and shopping centers.

ESL Program Introduction

We provide affordable, intensive ESL courses for non-native speakers.
We offer classes in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays.
Courses are 5 or 10 weeks (4 times a week or twice a week)
Classes are two hours a day (40 hours of instruction)
Cost of each course is $150 (plus $10 fee for exercise book)
Teachers are professional and friendly.
We offer six levels of comprehensive English courses.
Certificate of completion offered for each level.
Classes average 15 students

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Cost: $150 per course- Classes from:

Jan 7th to Feb 7th (5 weeks) or Jan 7th to March 14 (10 weeks)
Feb. 11th to March 14th (5 weeks) or Feb 11th to April 18th (10 weeks)
March 18th to April 18th (5 weeks) or March 18th to May 23rd (10 weeks)
April 22nd to May 23rd (5 weeks) or April 22nd to June 27th (10 weeks)
May 28th to June 27th (5 weeks) or May 28th to Aug. 1st (10 weeks)
July 1st to Aug 1st (5 weeks) or July 1st to Sep. 5th (10 weeks)
Aug. 1st to Sep. 5th (5 weeks) or Aug 1st to Oct 10th (10 weeks)
Sep 9th to Oct 10th (5 weeks) or Sep 9th to Nov. 14th (10 weeks)
Oct 14th to Nov 14th (5 weeks) or Oct 14th to Dec 19th (10 weeks)
Nov 18th to Dec. 19th (5 weeks)

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

There are many apartments and weekly motels/hotels close to the school.

Contact Info

Community ESL Institute
955 E Main St.
Mesa, AZ. 85203

480 964-1430