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New School University

English Language Studies
New York, New York USA



School Introduction

The New School was founded in 1919 as a center for discussion, instruction, and counseling for mature men and women. In time, it became an accredited, degree-granting institution-America's first universtiy for adults. Today the University includes seven academic divisions, enrolling more than 25, 000 students annually.

The New School is located in New York City's historic Greenwich Village, a neighborhood of brownstone houses, tree-lined streets, cafes and restaurants, small shops, theaters and nightlife. A student body of diverse ages, professions, and backgrounds guarantees lively intellectual and creative social interaction.

ESL Program Introduction

Students come to study English at The New School for many reasons. Some need to prepare themselves for academic work at an American university. Others with to communicate better in their professions in the US or other countries. To meet the variety of needs, the English language curriculum is flexible; full-time or part-time study is possible.

Our program uses a communicative approach. From the lowest to the highest, the language is presented in interesting ways in natural situations. Authentic materials, including movies, TV and radio programs, short stories, newspapers, and magazines are used in all courses.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Spring I: 2/3/2003-3/17/2003 (6 weeks)
Spring II: 3/31/2003-5/8/2003 (6 weeks)
Summer I: 6/2/2003-6/26/03 (4 weeks)
Summer II: 6/30/2003-7/24/03 (4 weeks)
Summer III: 8/4/2003-8/28/03 (4 weeks)
Fall I: 9/15/2003-10/22/03 (6 weeks)
Fall II:11/3/2003- 12/16/03 (6 weeks)

Note: Summer and Fall dates are approximated according to years past.. official schedule not yet confirmed.

Tuition for full time study:
$3, 300 (12 weeks, full semester)
$1, 650 (6 weeks)
$1, 100 (4 weeks)
Registration fee: $7 for non-certificate
$60 for certificate

Note: Part time and individual classes are available.

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

English Language Studies
New School University
68 Fifth Ave.
New York, New York 10011

(212) 229-5372
(212) 989-1127