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Accurate English

Los Angeles, California USA



School Introduction

Accurate English is located in Los Angeles, a few miles from the beach, near beautiful Marina Del Rey Harbor, famous Venice Beach and Santa Monica and ten minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. We specialize in helping English speakers to reduce their strong foreign accents - which may prevent them from reaching their full professional or personal potential. We also emphasize the correct usage of grammar and vocabulary. We believe that in today’s competitive corporate environment, clear pronunciation and correct grammar are a must.

ESL Program Introduction

The Accurate English accent reduction program is designed for students who wish to reduce their foreign accents in order to speak English more understandably and with more clarity, confidence and accuracy. Many of our clients are business professionals whose foreign accent may prevent them from moving ahead on the job. If your job requires you to not only speak English, but to speak it well with Americans or in the international marketplace, our courses will help you. People shouldn't have to ask you to repeat what you said! To achieve maximum results, many students sign-up for private and semi-private courses. All courses are recorded. Students receive an audio-cassette at the end of each lesson.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

We have an on-going program. Students can register at any time. Most of our students are professionals who are already fluent or near-fluent in English. Courses vary in price based on the number of students in the course. Please contact the school with your specific needs and we will send you a price sheet.

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Accurate English
13101 Washington Blvd Suite 213
Los Angeles, California 90066

(310) 226-2996
(310) 566-7182