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English for Internationals

ESL Program
Roswell, Georgia USA



School Introduction

Location: North Atlantal, Georgia, is 15 minutes north of downtown Atlanta with a population of 55, 000 It is one of the most affluent and fastest growing cities in Georgia. Classes are in two three-story buildings within walking distance of shopping. Shops, restaurants, movie theatre, bowling alley, swim pool, and Gold's Gym are all in walking distance from school and apartment complex. Pleasant, safe, and home away from home environment. The apartment complex is a 5 minute walk to school. Public transportation (train and bus) is accessable for you around Roswell, and also into Atlanta. We have weekly trips in and around Atlanta, including professional sports events, shopping, white water rafting, camping, CNN Center, World of Coca-cola, etc.

ESL Program Introduction


Students in the I-20 PROGRAM study 5 days a week. Evening classes are 4 evenings for $300 per 2 months. Students take the 4 core classes in the DAYTIME Program, and also take an elective. These electives may include English for Everyday, Individualized Listening Lab I & II, Study Skills, Business Communications I & II, Book Club, iBT TOEFL Preparation, Early History of Roswell, Perfect Your Pronunciation, College Preparation.

I-20 Options:(each term)
$1600 18 hours/week, classes Mon-Fri.
$1600 22 hours/week, classes Mon-Fri, Free 2 nights a week classes 7:30-9:45pm SAME PRICE AS 18 HOURS/WEEK
$1900 27 hours/week, classes Mon-Fri, Mon-Thurs 7:30pm-9:45pm

Any current students receives $400 CASH for recruting a new or transferred I-20 student.

This is not for student visa students. Students take the 4 Core Classes studying four hours per day, five days per week for seven weeks. Frequent school excursions stimulate interest and bring Atlanta’s culture to the students. Cost: $1500 per term.

Students may take individual core classes if they wish.

Mon/Wed/Fri Time Cost
Listening/Speaking 9-10:20am $400
Grammar 10:30-12:00pm $400
Reading/Vocabulary 9-10:30am $350
Writing 10:45-12:15pm $350

English for Internationals has six Grammar levels. When six have been completed, an individual has sufficient grammar to successfully communicate at a business level. The levels 7-10 are the Mastery Progam. This program concentrates on college level grammar, vocabulary and writing. When a student has successfully completed any level with 75% grammar accuracy and 75% attendance, they receives the level’s certificate.

Mon/Wed 7:30 – 9:45 pm
Tues/Thurs 7:30-9:45pm

Correct grammar is very important to communicate with others. Therefore, grammar learning is emphasized. Building vocabulary through reading and discussion gives students the words to express ideas. Listening to new words and information adds further communication skills for internationals to use.

Small classes, experienced teachers, and regular attendance has helped our Internationals excel

Each level has 15 classes or about two months. Students pays $300 at the beginning of the session, or a pro rated amount when they begin.

EFI gives a discount for family members so they can study. Books are included for the Evening.

Students who successfully complete Level 6 are then ready to take the iBT TOEFL Preparation class. We recommend students take the course for 2 terms. Students will also take advances course work in Grammar, Writing and Vocabulary. The skills and strategies that are studied will help with taking the test and also sharpen skills in listening, grammar, sentence structure, reading and writing.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Winter I: January 5 - Febraury 25
Spring I: March 2 - April 29
Spring II: May 4 - June 24
Summer I: June 29 - August 19
Summer II: August 31- October 21
Fall I: October 26 - December 17

Tuition: I-20 Options:
$1600 18 hours/week, classes Mon-Fri.
$1600 22 hours/week, classes Mon-Fri.FREE 2 nights a week

Individual Classes:
Tues/Thrus $350
Mon/Wed/Fri $400
Application/Placement Test Fee: $10
Housing: Apartment: $690 one bedroom + utilities 5 minute walk to school
Homestay: $130/week, $175/week, $200/week

Evening classes: Mon/Wed and Tues/Thurs are from 7:30-9:45pm. The cost is $300 including books.
1/5 - 2/25 1/6 - 2/26
3/2 - 4/29 3/3 - 4/28
5/4 - 6/24 5/5 - 6/23
6/29 - 8/19 6/30 - 8/18
8/31 - 10/21 9/1 - 10/20
10/26 - 12/16 10/27 - 12/17

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

HOMESTAY 1. $130/week, $200 placement fee. Private bedroom, shared bath, self-serve breakfast, laundry facilities, interaction with family. Public transportation. 2. $175/week, $200 placement fee. Private bedroom, shared bath, self-serve breakfast, dinner, laundry facilities, interaction with family. Public transportation. 3. $200/week, no placement fee. Private bedroom, shared bath, breakfast, lunch and dinner, laundry facilities, interaction with family, transportation is included. APARTMENTS Apartment Complex is within walking distance (less than 10 minutes) from the school. The cost is $690-$995 for 1 to 3 bedrooms. Gated community with pool, cardo-fitness center, tennis courts.

Contact Info

ESL Program
English for Internationals
575 Colonial Park Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30075

(770) 587-9640
(770) 587-0427