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University Language Institute, Oral Roberts University

Tulsa, Oklahoma USA



School Introduction

University Language Institute is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the beautiful campus of Oral Roberts University. ORU is a Christian university in a safe part of the city. ULI students have access to the university Aerobic Center, an extensive library and research center, several computer labs, student medical clinic, all sporting events, and student activities. Our students have an excellent opportunity to experience American university life and to interact with American students! Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma with many cultural activities ranging from the performing arts to local festivals celebrating different aspects of the American culture. If you enjoy meeting people from many different cultures, you will love studying English here!

ESL Program Introduction

ULI is an intensive English program designed to teach English as a second language to students from all over the world. Our academic program, taught by a highly trained teaching staff, is designed to immerse students in the language and culture of the U.S. in order to encourage rapid language learning. ULI classes focus on grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation. We also offer classes in survival skills, literature, American history, and TOEFL preparation (depending on student interest). ORU students coordinate special activities with ULI students for conversation and fun! Free ESL tutors are also available at ORU in the afternoon and evening after class. Each session, ULI takes one day of class for a fieldtrip that is designed to teach an aspect of American culture that is educational, interactive, and exciting. Our students always look forward to fieldtrip days to have fun and learn something new! If you want to have a good time learning English, study at ULI!

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Spring I: 1/14/02 - 3/1/02 (7 weeks)
Spring II: 3/11/02 - 4/26/02 (7 weeks)
Summer I: 5/6/02 - 6/21/02 (7 weeks)
Summer II: 7/1/02 - 8/16/02 (7 weeks)
Fall I: 8/26/02 - 10/11/02 (7 weeks)
Fall II: 10/21/02 - 12/6/02 (7 weeks)

Tuition: $1200 (7 weeks)
Application Fee: $75
Reservation Fee: $75 (applied to tuition)
Books: $100 - $175
Insurance: $108 (2 months)
Housing: $500 - $700 (1 month)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

University Language Institute, Oral Roberts University
2448 E. 81st Street, Suite 1400
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137

(918) 493-8086
(918) 493-8084