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American English Language Institute
Storrs, Connecticut USA



School Introduction

Located on a safe, beautiful campus in rural New England, this program is for students who wish to concentrate on developing their English skills while experiencing the rich culture of a university community.

Many students enrolled in this program are preparing for further study in the U.S. All levels of instruction, beginner through advanced, are offered each session. A variety of activities and trips complement classroom work. Sessions are 15 weeks each fall and spring and 8 weeks during summer.

The American English Language Institute at the University of Connecticut is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation and agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions.

ESL Program Introduction

UCAELI offers programs for both adults and younger students. The INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM - IEP is still the only university-based program in New England with full accreditation by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA). Providing our students with access to university resources is an important part of our mission as students live and study on the campus of the University of Connecticut. We offer 5 different levels of instruction and advanced students have the opportunity to audit university courses.

UCAELI's international Summer English Experience (SEE) is an ideal program for middle and high school students (ages 13 - 17) who want to study and experience English while learning about New England and U.S. Culture. The 3-week program is packed with trips and special activities designed to maximize English use in fun and meaningful ways. Our curriculum is truly unique, taking special advantage of the University of Connecticut's resources and location. Group discounts are available for 10 or more students.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

UCAELI Program Costs 2008-2009
IEP Program Costs

Summer 2009: June 15, 2009 - August 07, 2009 (8 weeks)
Fall 2008: August 25, 2008 - December 12, 2008 (15 weeks)
Spring 2009: January 19, 2009 - May 08, 2009 (15 weeks)

Required fees:
Application/Testing fee: $175 ($100 Tuition Deposit $75 Application Fee)
Tuition: $4, 650 (15 weeks), $2, 800 (8 weeks)
Housing+ Meals - university: $4, 400 (15 weeks) $2, 700 (8 weeks)
Housing+ Meals- homestay: $3, 000 (15weeks) $1, 500 (8 weeks)

Summer English Experience SEE: July 22, 2007 - August 11, 2007
SEE tuition and fees: $2, 850

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Different housing options include: -single room in the graduate dorms for students 23 yrs old + -double room with US roommate for students 17 - 23 -double room in the GLOBAL HOUSE for US and International Students interested in GLOBAL issues -private room in house with local family (HOMESTAY)

Contact Info

American English Language Institute
University of Connecticut
2006 Hillside Road, Unit 1198
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-1198

(860) 486-2127
(860) 486-3834