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School Introduction

EduSport Academy USA is located at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. Santa Barbara is one of the most historic and picturesque cities in the United States. Westmont College is a top liberal arts institution located among the grand estates of Montecito, home to Hollywood stars and other celebrities. The beautiful campus is just a short distance from the heart of Santa Barbara and its amazing beaches.

Beautiful, easygoing, basking in year-round sunshine, beachside Santa Barbara is the hub of a large and spectacular coastal California county. Lying seductively between Los Angeles and San Francisco, just off scenic Highway 101, city and county alike are amazingly rich in diverse surprises, pleasures, and attractions.

Visit Santa Barbara at any time of year and experience the legacies of our colorful history. See our rich Spanish heritage in the city’s distinctive architecture, the cobbled pathways, red tile roofs, and mission-style adobes. Explore the western-style towns of Los Olivos and Santa Ynez or relive the county’s cultural history at one of our many fascinating museums. Visit the quaint Danish village of Solvang with its windmills and timbered Tudor facades. In Santa Barbara County, history whispers from every corner.

Santa Barbara County is famous around the world for its breathtaking setting. Natural beauty beams from the dramatic mix of mountains, valleys, beaches, islands, and the sea. Inspired perhaps by this ravishing scenery, Santa Barbara County’s cultural arts scene is one of our star attractions. Visitors can enjoy world-class performances of music, opera, dance, and theater year round. Santa Barbara is also a hotbed for the visual arts with a reputation as one of the top five art colonies in the West.

ESL Program Introduction

EduSport Academy USA's English Language Academy is an intensive, total immersion ESL program for students from around the world. Our courses are designed not only to raise the level of students' fluency, but total acquisition of the language.

English: A Matter of Necessity. In today’s global economy, the ability to command the English language has become a matter of necessity. Beginning the study of English at an early age is essential to leveling the playing field between native English speakers and non-native speakers. EduSport Academies is dedicated to helping non-native English speakers gain the skills they need.

Total Immersion Approach. Our total immersion approach is the most important reason why the Academy's teaching method is so successful. From the moment participants get up in the morning to the moment their weary heads hit the pillow at night they are exposed to the English language.

The EduSport Advantage. The distinct advantage of the English Language Academy is that it is not just an English language program. The program is fully integrated into the international, cross-cultural environment created at EduSport Academy USA. Regardless of the program chosen by participants, each boy or girl is surrounded by kids from diverse backgrounds all striving to grow and learn.

Outstanding and Dedicated Faculty. The Academy is directed by an outstanding faculty with over twenty years of ESL teaching experience. Each instructor is dedicated to ensuring that each student achieves the maximum benefits of the program. All of our instructors are native English speakers and use state-of-the-art teaching methods and materials.

Full-day and Half-day Programs. Students may participate in our full-day or half-day programs. Full-day participants have classes in the morning and afternoon. Half-day participants combine morning ESL classes with the Junior Tennis Academy or EduSport Athletics Program in the afternoon.

One to Eight-Week Sessions. The English Language Academy offers one to eight-week sessions for both its half-day and full-day programs. Participants may choose to participate in the full-day program for one or more sessions and then switch to the half-day program for one or more sessions to take advantage of the athletic programs we offer. See Build Your Own Program.

All Ability Levels Welcome. The Academy offers classes for students of all ability levels. Students are assorted according to their ability level upon arrival at EduSport Academy USA.

Small Class Size. Classes are taught in small groups and the instructors make them fun and highly interactive. Emphasis in class is placed on reading, writing, pronunciation and conversation.

Language Partners. Students are encouraged to work with language partners during their stay to maximize the benefits of classroom instruction. The Academy works with students to help them find partners.

Certificate of Participation. Each participant receives a Certificate of Participation from the Academy’s faculty. The Certificate of Participation lists the participant's ability level and hours of participation.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Session Dates:

June 20 - June 25
June 27 - July 2
July 4 - July 9
July 11 - July 16
July 18 - July 23
July 25 - July 30
August 1 - August 6
August 7 - August 12

TOEFL and Kaplan SAT Prep Course Session Dates:

June 20 - July 16
July 18 - August 12

Tuition (inluding course instruction, tennis instruction, room and board):
Per one-week session: $998 (non-inclusive of weekend stay-over)
Per TOEFL session (4 week minimum): $5, 192 (inludes weekend stay-over)
Weekend Stay-over: $225

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

English Language Academy
EduSport Academy USA
c/o Chris Elwood
Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108