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American Language Adventure

Keego Harbor, Michigan USA



School Introduction

The East Coast Trip will see big cities like New York and Washington DC as well as beautiful forests and the Smoky Mountains. The trip is designed to give students a mix of cities and forests. The trip ends with two days at Disney World and a tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where they launch the Space Shuttle.

City Itinarary: Statue of Liberty, New York; National Museums, Washington DC; Sumter National Forest, Virginia; Juniper Springs, Florida; Disney World, Orlando; NASA, Cape Canaveral.

The West Coast Trip will see big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. The trip is designed to give students a look at the many ecological wonders of America from the Arizona deserts to the tall red wood trees in the California forests. The trip highlights the extremes between man-made wonders and natural wonders.

City Itinarary: Las Vegas; Hoover Dam; Grand Canyon, Arizona; Disneyland, Los Angeles; Hollywood, California; San Diego Zoo, San Diego; Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur; San Francisco, California; Grand Canyon.

ESL Program Introduction

American Language Adventure is an intensive full English Conversation immersion program, which travels throughout a region of the USA. The program has been developed to maximize learning by totally immersing students into the English language. This course is designed for students who love to travel and who want to improve their English conversation ability. Students come from all parts of the world and therefore must speak English to communicate.

ALA provides an environment for conversation to flow freely. Students attend morning classes and then practice conversation throughout the day on activities and excursions. Evenings are a time to tell stories around the campfire. The schools’ pedagogy is to use groupwork. Learning a new language has been proven to be more effective when using a groupwork method. A unique feature of American Language Adventure is its mobility. Seven tents serve as dormitory, kitchen, and classroom facilities making the entire school mobile. The school is then free to move from city to city and see much more of America than a school that is grounded by thick walls. The school provides all of the camping equipment and the students require no knowledge of camping. Americans love camping and this is an excellent opportunity to experience American culture first hand.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates:
June 28, 2004, July 26, 2004, Aug 19, 2004, Sept 20, 2004, Oct 16, 2004, Nov 7, 2004.

1 week: $1, 600 USD
2 weeks: $2, 100 USD
3 weeks: $2, 600 USD

Application Fee: FREE
Housing: FREE
Transportation in US: FREE
Meals: FREE
Disney World: FREE
All Attractions: FREE

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Contact Info

American Language Adventure
2490 Cass Lake Road
Keego Harbor, MI 48320