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International Christian Institute & Linguistics School

Intensive English Program
Houston, Texas USA



School Introduction

International Christian Institute & Linguistics School is a SEVIS approved school located on the Southwest side of Houston. We welcome F-1 students and other visa holders who wish to change to F-1 visa status. We are a small community of about 250 students and 20 staff members. We have added temporary parking spaces in the recent months to accommodate our growth and we are now undergoing construction to remodel our parking lots. ICI is a non-smoking campus. We respect our students and simply ask to go across the street when they need to smoke.

ESL Program Introduction

There are 5 ESL levels: Students placed accordingly by placement exam. Student evaluations will take place the last week of each session to determine student progress. One level should take about one semester to complete. As of June 2013, our curriculum is changing and we will have new information updated shortly. It will all be in place by August 2013.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Class sizes are limited, register early. All International students (F-1) students are required maintain active SEVIS I-20 status.
ICI&LS will accept students only after placement exam has been taken, financial documents have been verified and there is space availability in that level.
Students are required to attend classes in accordance with school and INS rules (18 hours per week), violations of attendance policy could affect status.
Students are required to attend and pass one semester (5 sessions) before being eligible to transfer to another school.
5 Session/Semester = $1625.00
1 Session/Month = $325.00
New Student Fee: $150.00
($50 registration fee, $25 application fee, $10 ID fee, & $65 book/material fee. )

A student may pay in full when applying for admission in the first session of a semester [Jan. or Aug.], and receive a discounted price of $1, 495. When applying for admission in a session other than [Jan. or Aug.], student may still pay in full but will have to pay the regular price.
We try to assign your preferred schedule , however schedules are given according to space availability.

A: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 8:00am 12:30pm
B: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 1:30pm 6:00pm

Fall Semester 2013
2013 1 ....... August 12 September 07
2013 2 .... September 09 October 05
2013 3 ...... October 07 November 02
2013 4 ........... November 04 November 30
2013 5 .... December 02 - December 28

Spring Semester 2014
2014 1 .... January 13 February 08
2014 2 .... February 10 March 08
2014 3 ....... March 10 April 05
2014 4 .... April 07 May 03
2014 5 ........ May 05 May 31

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

We ask all students to make housing and transportation arrangements before being accepted to our institution.

Contact Info

Intensive English Program
International Christian Institute & Linguistics School
11931 Seventh Street
Houston, Texas 77072