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Hawaii Language School

Along with a sound curriculum, flexibility is one of the keystones of Hawaii Language School’s approach to learning. By blending traditional teacher-assisted classroom learning with the on-line technology of Rosetta Stone, the world’s most popular language software, we provide our students with the chance to determine the location in which they study, the time they dedicate to learning, and the financial resources they commit to their pursuit of English. This not only keeps their their motivation at a high level, it also eliminates many of the traditional reasons students give for quitting before they achieve their goals. Our students can study at home, with regular on-line feedback and assistance from trained teachers, or enroll in classes at our Waikiki school for weeks or months at a time. Regardless of the option they choose, they are always free to study at their pace, and move ahead when they are prepared and confident. Flexibility - a key to student success.


Hawaii Language School
460 Ena Road Box A / Suite 306
Honolulu Hawaii 96815
United States



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