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GR Academic Exchange Programs VENEZUELA English Schools

We are a Venezuelan organization dedicated to promote studies abroad, our experience comes from more than ten years that we have helped students to find the program that best suit their needs. We have partners in the U. S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan and all over Europe! We advise Students from all over the world, because our agents speak different languages! Our agency works on: *Placement (seeking admission to educational programs on behalf of students) *Recruitment (seeking to attract students to particular institutions or programs) *Advising/counseling (assisting students to decide whether an education in a specific country or would be practical for them and would help them attain their educational goals) *Publications (we produce brochures and prepare all information on Spanish for our students) Travel & transfers, insurance and accommodations are also provided if requested by the student.

Founded: 2001


Phone: +582129774938


Address: Calle Agua Linda. Qta. Rojana. Prados del Este. 1080 Caracas VENEZUELA